Our profession

The Compagnie Europeenne des Parfums, created in 1973, is a medium-sized family company which designs, manufactures and distributes perfumes for both men and women. It grasped the opportunity in 1991 to extend its business and manufactures perfumes for children.

CEP works with and for children aged 4-12 and takes a great care in its choices of licenses: CEP looks for real partners on children market. These licenses are broadcasted a lot and children like them very much so does the whole family. The playful approach has to be an integral part of the concepts in order to satisfy the young consumers. This is why CEP personalizes all the components from the cap to the packaging.

As far as our complete offer is concerned, the acquisition of these major children licenses, the French traditional manufacturing in the respect of quality and safety rules allowed CEP to meet the expectations of every one.